• What is your rate for additional coverage? Can we add time on the Wedding day?
  • If we don't want or need the engagement session, can we remove it from the package for a lower price?
  • Do you travel? Is there a travel fee?
  • How do we book? Do you take a deposit?
  • Can we add films and/or à la carte items to our package after booking?
  • How many images do you include?
  • How do you typically like to shoot a wedding day?


Our rate for additional coverage is $500 per hour for Photo + Video and Photography packages, or $250 per hour for Videography-only packages. You can add time any time between booking and the Wedding day, if needed!

On the Wedding day, you can add time in 15-minute pro-rated increments at a slightly higher rate: $150 per 15 minutes for Photography or Photo + Video, or $75 per 15 minutes for Videography-only.

If we don't want or need the engagement session, can we remove it from the package for a lower price?

If you feel that you don't want or need an engagement session, that's okay! But, because the session is complimentary and is not factored into the package price, no - removing the session does not reduce the package price.

Do you travel? Is there a travel fee?

Yes, we LOVE To travel!

We travel up to 200 miles round-trip per event and session free of charge, calculated from our address in Pollock Pines. This covers from South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento and a little beyond. If the event or session is outside this travel area, we charge a travel fee of $0.60 USD per mile round-trip beyond the first 200 miles round-trip, for each event or session. We also ask to be reimbursed for any parking and/or entry fees required for the event or session, where applicable.

How do we book? Do you take a deposit?

If you'd like to book, we just need your full name, phone number, email address, wedding date, wedding location, and what package and add-ons you want, if any, and we'll send you contract. We put a soft hold on your date for 7 days while you read over the contract and ask any additional questions you may have. The contract can be signed via e-signature. To finalize your booking, we charge a $1,000 deposit payable via our Book Now page via credit or debit to officially reserve your date and package. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your Wedding date, payable via credit or debit via an invoice that will be sent to the email address on your contract.

Can we add films and/or à la carte items to our package after booking?

Yes! Films can be added to your package up until 24 hours prior to the Wedding date, but you must pay for your additional films prior to the start of filming.

À la carte items (such as USB drives, photo books, slideshows, etc.) can be added to your Package any time before or after the Wedding date.

Just keep in mind that our Packages include Films or items at a lower cost, and, our prices do increase periodically - so it's best to decide early on what you want to include with your Package!

Feel free to contact us or schedule a consultation with us and we can help you decide!

What is your turnaround time for photos / videos?

Our turnaround time for engagement session photos is 3 to 6 weeks. For wedding photos and videos, it's 6 to 18 weeks, but we provide a sneak peek of wedding photos within 2 weeks, and if there are any images that you want to have ASAP, you can let us know and we'll include them in the sneak peek!

how many images do you include?

We include over 1,000 images from the wedding and over 100 images for the engagement session. We don't limit the amount of images we provide, so there's no "set number". As photojournalistic lifestyle photographers, we capture every moment. We typically capture from 5,000 to 10,000 photos at the wedding, and around 3,000 at the engagement session. You deserve to have all the best - without having to deal with the rest!

How Do You typically like to shoot a wedding day?

We like to capture everything as it unfolds, as naturally as possible. But, a little planning goes a long way, and we do also guide you every step of the way! To help you plan ahead, here is one example of how we like to shoot a wedding day (although there are many variations depending on your specific plans - and we'll have a timeline planning session just for your special day and tailor it to you as a couple)!

12 pm - I (Rachel) photograph the ceremony site and venue details on my way to the Bridal suite (because if it's already all set up - why not?) and Mark lifts up the drone for the ceremony site / venue drone video shots.

12:30 pm - We arrive at the Bridal Suite. Ideally, there is already a clean space near the largest window with the wedding dress hanging, out of the bag, and all the Bride's details are gathered together nearby (bouquet, the rings, shoes, veil, jewelry, garter, invitations, vows, perfume, something old/new/borrowed/blue, etc.) so we can set up and capture the Bridal flat lay. All of the Bridesmaids' bouquets are nearby so we can set them up in a way to complement the scene, and the Bridesmaids and Flower Girl dresses are also hanging where we can capture them beautifully. The Bride is the last one to have her hair / make-up done, and she is just having her finishing touches done so we capture some of that in between setting up the details and making sure the window area is the ideal scene for photos & video. The Bride and Bridesmaids are already wearing their matching robes and slippers (and the Moms too, if they are joining the fun). The Bridesmaids start prepping the champagne and glasses for the Bridal party fun, and the Bride has gifts she has prepared to give to her gals. The bed is also clean and ready for the gift-giving & fun to come next.

1 pm - The Bride and Bridesmaids hang out on the bed together in their robes while the Bride presents them with gifts to open. They are all so excited for the Bride - it's her special day! They are all so happy to be there with her, and these gifts are so sweet! There are tears, hugs and laughs on the bed - it's like a slumber party! After the gift-giving session, they all grab their glasses and go outside for a champagne pop! The Bride shakes the bottle a little before she opens it for a fun spray! They all laugh together, and the Bride pours everyone champagne; they cheers, drink, hug, and smile together before putting their glasses down for a few more fun posed photos in their robes, capturing any names on the backs of their robes, and getting close-ups of all those amazing hairstyles!

1:30 pm - Mark and I head over to the Groom's Suite nearby while the Bridesmaids, Moms, & Flower Girls all get into their dresses (and the Bride can take a moment to breathe, touch-up, go to the bathroom, finish her drink, eat a snack, practice her vows - and anything else she wants to do to prepare for go-time while the other ladies get dressed!). The Groomsmen are already all dressed and ready to go, with their boutonnières on and everything! The Groom is nearly ready, too, but he has all of his details out, ready for us to photograph, and there is a space near the largest window that is clean and free of clutter for the Groom's details and getting-ready shots! We capture his boutonnière, belt, shoes, tie, pocket handkerchief, watch, cologne, flask, shades, cufflinks, the rings, vows - anything cool or special he has - for the Groom's flat lay! Then, Dad and the Best Man, and each of his Groomsmen, hand something to the Groom, or help him put it on! Except the boutonnière - we're saving that one for Mom! We capture Mom's first look at her son as she comes in and tearfully hugs her baby boy - all grown up and getting married! Then she puts on his boutonnière. The Groom sure is looking handsome! We go outside to take some portraits - but Groomsmen - bring those drinks! After some portraits of the Groom solo, with his parents, add any siblings, and then the whole Groomsmen gang (together and individually) - including the Ring Bearer - hey, let's have a cheers! You guys ready to get this party started? Heck yeah! Let's have some fun! Your bro's getting married!!!

2 pm - The guys head back inside to take off their jackets and hang out just a bit longer - finishing those drinks, eating snacks, playing games - and Mark and I head back on over to the Bride. The Bridesmaids, Bride's Mom and Flower Girls are all ready. Mark waits outside for the first part of Mom and Maid of Honor helping the Bride into her dress, then comes in to capture Mom and MOH doing the back of the dress. Mom helps the Bride with her jewelry, and MOH helps with her garter and shoes. MOH puts in her veil while Mom dries off and hands the bouquet to her beautiful daughter. Oh, it's so emotional! Her baby girl! Just look at her! The Bride sees herself in the mirror for the first time and can't contain her excitement! The rest of the Bridesmaids and Flower Girls come in for their first look - and she is SO beautiful! They can't hold back the tears! (Yep, we're gonna need more touch-ups!) They surround the Bride and fan out her train so we can all see it in it's full glory, as the Bride admires herself in the mirror - and she deserves to feel like a queen! This is the day she's been waiting for! It's finally here! And guess who else wants to see her? Dad comes in for his first look at his baby girl, and they embrace warmly. Ahhh... what a special day! Time for a few portraits of the Bride in all her beauty, then with Mom and Dad, add any siblings, then all the Bridesmaids (together and individually) - including the Flower Girls. It's all happening so fast! But she is ready to see the love of her life - now is the most special part of the day!

2:30 pm - We prepare the Groom with a lapel mic to capture audio and get him into position for the first look with his Bride. We prepare her to walk up behind him . . . when we say go, she walks up slowly . . . and puts her hands over his eyes! Guess who?! He turns around, and ugh! She's GORGEOUS! He embraces her, tells her how beautiful she is, they look at each other, wipe each other's tears, and fully take this moment in! (Love, love, love.) They've also chosen to read their vows to one another here in this moment, privately! Afterwards, we take off the Groom's mic, and we guide them in some more loving moments as we capture them loving one another (remember the engagement session? This will be like that!). When ready, we invite the Wedding Party in for some more fun - it's the whole gang now! We do a cheers, a fun walk, and ask if anyone has any Wedding Party photo ideas from Pinterest or previous weddings that they want to do (they often do - so we like to get the whole Wedding Party involved, so it's fun for everyone)! Then it's time for the quintessential family portraits - the couple has brought their list of must-haves for the mantle above the fireplace, or the hallway photo wall, and all those family members are there, to save time after the ceremony. We get those done, then it's time for everyone to touch-up one more time, go to the bathroom, and get ready to line up for the ceremony!

3:30 pm - Mark and I go to the ceremony site so we can set up the ceremony video cameras, the external audio mic, the lapel mic on the officiant, and test the audio. Then Mark captures photos of guests as they arrive while I get any detail shots I wasn't able to get earlier when we arrived (if it wasn't all set up - and it usually isn't - but that's okay!).

4 pm - The Ceremony!! This is it!!

4:30 pm - After the ceremony, we capture the first few amazing moments of the Couple after they've walked back down the aisle, along with the Wedding Party coming to greet them. Now it's time for Cocktail Hour and Portraits! We take the Couple and Wedding Party back to the ceremony site for a few portraits and some video there where it all took place. The Bride's Mom and Groom's Mom each gather the people on the Couple's family photo list and make sure they don't disappear to Cocktail Hour just yet. While Mark breaks down the video and sound equipment and takes it to the reception area, I help the Couple get through the extended family photo list so the Couple can then join Cocktail Hour! Mark and I both capture them being announced and entering Cocktail Hour, the guests cheering, and everyone hanging out, hugging, laughing, and starting to get their party on!

5:30 pm - At the start of the reception, the Couple has chosen a loved one to give an opening prayer / blessing of the meal, then it's time to eat! We eat while the Couple eats, so we don't miss a thing!

6 pm - After the Couple has finished eating, they go around to visit with each table of guests while I capture candid moments and Mark sets up the cameras, lighting and audio for the first dances. The Couple turns towards me with each table to also get a quick portrait with the table before moving onto the next.

6:30 pm - The DJ announces that it's time for the Couple's first dance! Then it's the Bride with her Dad, and the Groom with his Mom. Then a Wedding Party dance! Then a couple's countdown dance, and the couple that has been in a relationship the longest say some words of wisdom for the Newlyweds! The DJ opens the dance floor - it's PARTY time!

7 pm - After some dancing, the Couple sneaks away for one last session - the Golden Hour Sneak-Away! It's just before sunset, with the most beautiful lighting of the day. We capture this intimate moment where the Couple gets a chance to breathe and just be together amid the whirlwind - with GORGEOUS light!

7:30 pm - After a bit more dancing, it's time to cut the cake! The guests have placed their donations for the Honeymoon Fund in two containers - one for the Bride, and one for the Groom - and whichever has the most money, that person gets cake in the face! (Of course . . . it's the Groom!)

8 pm - After some more dancing, it's time for the bouquet and garter tosses! The Bride does one fake-out toss before the official toss, just for fun! The Groom does a sexy dance up to the Bride in the chair on the dance floor before he throws the dress over his head to grab that garter with his teeth! Way too much fun! He actually throws a dinner napkin that he had hidden in his pocket first, just to fake-out the guys! Then time for the real thing - pull it back, stretch, and release!

8:45 pm - After more dancing, it's time to line-up for the staged sparkler send-off! Our Couple has opted to stage their "exit" earlier in the night while plenty of guests are still at the Wedding, and, this way they can have this awesome moment captured by their photo-video team without needing to pay them to stay yet another hour or two! It's just practical!

9 pm - After an awesome sparkler "exit" where the Couple went down a few different times to get epic dip-kisses, twirls and running through sparkler shots, while the guests are putting out their sparklers and getting back to the party, we capture a last motion-blur sparkler photo with the Couple - and that's a wrap!